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Benevolence and Beyond is a superior concierge service supporting you in all the tasks that you do not have time for or that may be challenging to perform. Our mission is to insure every person, senior, disabled veteran, and home bound individual has their needs met and their wants fulfilled!

Sharon DePalma founder of Benevolence & Beyond

When Dad passed away, we were devastated.  This man was the epitome of what a Father should be; always there for us in every single way.  Mom, being the strong woman that she was persevered ahead in her own self-reliant way.  

14 years later; when Mom was diagnosed with kidney disease/lung cancer, our world stopped.  Mom was always so healthy and independent; we couldn’t imagine her being dependent on anyone. 


My 3 sisters, my brother and I went into high gear.  Each of us did what needed to be done for this woman who raised five children. 

After Mom passed, I thought “how many individuals are faced with this very issue that do not have children or someone to help them.”  Even if they do have children, most people work and have their own families to take care of.   It was this event that inspired me to start a business where I could help these individuals.

‘Benevolence and Beyond’ was founded for exactly this purpose; offering superior concierge type services to all individuals as well as those that are not able to perform everyday tasks.

Our goal is to create a world where every person, senior, disabled veteran, and home bound individual will never have to worry about satisfying their daily living needs.



She Genuinely Cares

Greg Makowski Wealth Manager

I have worked with Sharon for over ten years and am always impressed with her kindness, integrity and compassion. She is a hardworking, determined professional who makes you feel heard and understood. She genuinely cares about you.

She Brings a Refreshing Change

Mary Force

I have had Sharon De Palma perform errands for me such as picking  up my mail, watching my house, and  taking me to appointments. She is eager, always willing to work hard, has great interpersonal skills, and she is fair in her pricing. She is a refreshing change to the business environment and she is an asset to anyone who wishes to use her. I highly recommend her  and will continue to use her in the future.

Warm, Energetic, Motivated

Patricia Mucci Business Manager, Finance & Operations

I have known Sharon for over 40 years, both personally and professionally. She is very customer-service oriented, always well-organized, extremely efficient, and highly competent. Sharon maintains an excellent rapport with clients, customers and colleagues alike. Her work ethic, level of customer service and response time truly sets her apart. Key qualities include her ability to maneuver the red tape to get things done, her empathy and compassion for others, and her proactive ability to communicate on a regular basis to keep you informed. Sharon is warm, energetic, motivated, hard-working and a true inspiration to anyone she meets. I highly recommend Sharon without hesitation, as I know you will never be disappointed.

I Would Always Trust Sharon

Joseph Rude

Managing Director

I have known Sharon for over 15 years and during that time we worked together as business associates in the Insurance Consulting Business. One of the most important attributes she has is the fact that one should always have the client interest in mind when giving advice. I would say, without a doubt, Sharon always did. I would always trust Sharon in whatever endeavor she pursues.

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