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Sharon DePalma

Sharon DePalma, Benevolence and Beyond

Sharon worked in the corporate world as an employee benefits consultant for over 30 years (Alexander & Alexander, Aon, Marsh, Gallagher Benefit Services, and UHY Advisors). During that time, although she enjoyed what she did, she always had a yen for helping people and encouraging them to be their best self. Co-workers, family, and friends would ask her opinion on anything from family issues, health and wellness, cooking tips, etc. 


When her Mom passed away, she took a long hard look at what is really important in life. Her Mom was nurturing, caring, compassionate, unselfish and loving; and how all of these qualities were instilled in her 5 children. She wanted to find a platform where she would be able to reach as many people as possible to spread her compassion for benevolence. Hence, Benevolence and Beyond was created, a concierge company that will assist individuals with all of their daily living needs.

After all, isn’t this what life is all about; spreading a little help, a little happiness, and a lot of hope!

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